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Bobby Bubblehead   31 мая 2021, 00:47  ::
Can anyone tell me the name of the film?

THE PLOT: years of WW2. a boy moves/comes with his family to a quiet town in Sweden/Finland. there he befriends 3 girls/sisters. together they play: they sunbathe nude in the woods near the lake, they hide in the bushes, from the coming fisherman, leaving their clothes behind till it's safe to pick them up. then the girls leave for their own business, leaving the boy on his own. he goes to the pier/dock where he sees a couple (a sailor and his girlfriend) kissing. he goes to tell the 3 girls of that he saw - f*cking! the go to the pier on the lake, where they find the couple in the shack/sauna near the pier making love. the 4 kids lock the couple up in the sauna and, by looking through the hole on the roof of the sauna, persuade the couple to show them how they make love, to which the later are forced to do so. after that, the kids leave the couple locked up in the sauna. some time later, the boy and only 1 of the 3 girls left, stand looking at the sauna from afar and they didn't saw the couple after that day. years passed, the boy returns to the sauna, saying that he never found out what happened to the couple from before and he hasn't seen and head the 3 girls again.

HINT: the film is similar to "Barnens ö"
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